Firewall Management Service Expansion to Central America


GLESEC and Palo Alto extend partnership to expand Managed Firewall Service (MSS-UTM) to Central America.

  • 7x24x365 Detection and Response of attacks at the perimeter
  • Change Management of firewalls configuration
  • Attack Persistent Threat Heatmap, investigations, and response
  • Visibility dashboards
  • Console access
  • SKYWATCH Risk Management integration
  • Correlation with other SKYWATCH portfolio services
  • Workflow for case handling
  • Security and Operational Indicators
  • On-prem and/or cloud implementation
  • Full turnkey solution


How to benefit from this?

Do you…

  • Watch your firewall logs 7x24x365?
  • Correlate the information of these attacks with vulnerabilities?
  • Determine if there is persistency in the attacks?
  • Correlate to suspicious activity or threats around the clock?
  • Document, alert, report to management, and monitor changes to the configuration of the firewalls?


If you are not performing all these activities, you have a significant risk exposure. And the easiest way to address this risk exposure is to deploy the fully managed GLESEC SKYWATCH platform.