Vulnerability Management Services

Enhance your cybersecurity posture by getting the basics right

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Minimize cyber risk and protect your organization against common threats while avoiding arduous scanning and remediation processes. GLESEC combines leading technologies with expert human analysis to deliver fully managed vulnerability and patch management services that systematically uncover and resolve vulnerabilities across your IT environment.

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Effortless Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability management is difficult and cumbersome

IT complexity and disconnects between security and infrastructure teams make finding and patching vulnerabilities so time consuming that many organizations don’t do it effectively - or at all. This leaves them highly vulnerable to common cyber threats.

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Replace manual effort with a comprehensive managed service

GLESEC’s managed services replace cumbersome vulnerability and patch management processes with a handful of actionable, prioritized cases that include full remediation guidance and support.

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Less risk, less effort, less cost

Our services turn a frustrating and time-consuming function into the lightest possible load, helping your organization find and fix high-risk vulnerabilities faster while freeing up cybersecurity resources.

Our Vulnerability Management Services

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is crucial but cumbersome and time-consuming. Dramatically reduce cyber risk with a fully managed VM service that provides weekly vulnerability and asset discovery scans, verification, case prioritization, full remediation guidance, and retesting.

The service is customized to your organization, environment, and risk tolerance, so your team never wastes time on low-impact vulnerabilities.

External Vulnerability Management

The highest risk vulnerabilities are those that can be exploited from outside your network. Protect your Internet-facing assets from common threats with a fully managed service that quickly uncovers, verifies, and prioritizes external vulnerabilities and provides full remediation guidance and retesting.

Patch Management

Patch management is the second half of the VM puzzle. Protect your endpoints from common threats by ensuring all operating systems, agents, and third party applications remain fully up to date with the latest pre-tested updates and patches. This fully managed service helps your organization control cyber risk while significantly reducing internal effort.

External Security Assessment and Pentest

Security assessments are critical to meet regulatory and compliance requirements and support cyber resilience. GLESEC’s external assessments are conducted remotely to determine what an attacker could exploit in a real-world incident, and engagements are tailored to support your organization’s security, compliance, and risk management needs.

Every assessment includes a comprehensive and prioritized findings report with full remediation guidance, support, and retesting.

Internal Security Assessment and Pentest

Our internal security assessments focus on what an attacker could do from inside your network, e.g., with a compromised user account. Assessments are tailored to your organization’s needs and can include black, gray, or white box testing, with or without credentials and insider asset knowledge.

Every assessment includes a comprehensive and prioritized findings report with full remediation guidance, support, and retesting.



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You ask, we answer!

Most MSSPs provide simple tools, sometimes with a basic management service. At GLESEC, we don’t believe this is enough to protect your organization against the ever-growing range of cyber threats.

We provide an intelligent combination of technology, management, and professional services tailored to your specific needs and infrastructure. Our services deliver the most comprehensive protection available anywhere—at a much lower cost than building in-house.

Most organizations have too many tools but lack the time and skills to properly configure or manage them. This results in a false sense of security, while still consuming precious time and resources.

GLESEC combines leading technologies with comprehensive managed and professional services to address your real business needs: easier compliance, accurate risk management, and greater resilience to cyberattacks.

We can do almost everything on your behalf - including responding to security incidents  - based on pre-agreed rules of engagement. In a few cases, such as patching vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure, we provide full guidance and support to help your in-house team take the necessary steps.

For organizations with established incident response capabilities, we adapt our services to best support your existing personnel and workflows.

No. In most cases, it’s more cost effective to outsource cybersecurity to a trusted provider. Remember—it’s not just the cost of a tool to consider, it’s the total cost of configuring, managing, and maintaining that tool over it’s lifetime and replacing it next time you refresh your stack.

Here’s an example. A customer of ours once bought a tool instead of opting for our manage service equivalent. While the tool seemed cheap initially, the customer needed three staff to manage, maintain, and utilize it, making the tool a lot more expensive than our managed service.


ARE NOT ENOUGH TO uncover and resolve YOUR vulnerabilities

GLESEC impresses with completeness of the security services and advanced expertise. More specifically, GLESEC has a unique approach to Cyber Range training beyond the full set of Cyber Range platform scenarios (blue and red team) as part of their orchestration service. We are confident in GLESEC as a partner in building the must-have skillset that our clients’ technical teams seek out.

Warren Stein

CRO, Cympire

GLESEC’s Seven Element Model’s Validation integrates CYMULATE’s Breach & Attack Simulation technology and GLESEC SKYWATCH platform. Through this seamless integration, GLESEC provides real-time feedback and complete visibility to Senior Management of the effectiveness of their security controls and operations. We are delighted to have GLESEC as a preferred partner!

Andrew Barnett

Chief Strategy Officer, CYMULATE

GLESEC was one of our first managed security services partners in the industry. They have built a unique suite of services around Radware’s DefensePro product, which protects organizations against emerging network multi-vector attacks, ransom DDoS campaigns, IoT botnets, phantom floods, and other types of cyber threats. GLESEC SKYWATCH platform combined with Radware’s proven protection technologies help companies speed time to threat detection and mitigation to stop even the most determined attackers.

Richard Tribino

Senior Director, Radware

GLESEC has captured the essence of our unique DLP technology and incorporated it to their SKYWATCH platform and services. This provides a best-in-kind combination of technology and services to address data leakage without agents, without the need to classified the information but with information in-real-time, actionable. GLESEC’s SOC performs the monitoring and executes playbooks that complete the solution in an effective and efficient manner. 

Itche Weintrab

Vice President, ITSMINE

Put Vulnerability Management on Autopilot

Find out how your organization can drastically reduce cyber risk and internal effort with our fully managed vulnerability and patch management services.

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