Glesec’s Participation in the 2021 Florida Cyber Security Forum


Leading in innovation and operations in Orchestrated Cyber Security, Compliance and Cyber Training


ORLANDO, FLORIDA. October 4th, 2021. International Cyber-Security Firm GLESEC announces its participation in the “Foundation of Associated Industries of Florida” (FAIF)’s THIRD ANNUAL FLORIDA CYBER FORUM to be held October 18th-19th in Tampa, Florida.

The two-day event will provide attendees with information on how the business community is reacting and preparing companies for cyber threats on the first day and focus on the mandated Cybersecurity Maturity Certification Model (CMMC) on the second day.

The event hosted by the Foundation of Associated Industries of Florida, the FloridaMakes Network and the US Department of Defense is done in partnership with: Cyber Florida, Enterprise Florida, FEDC, FDCA, Florida Defense Alliance, Florida Chamber Foundation, The National Center for Simulation, Port Tampa Bay, Space Florida, TBDA and many other organizations. The event will include distinguished speakers from the Private sector and State and Federal Government.
GLESEC will address five primary topics to visitors to its booth:

• Cybersecurity Orchestration
• GAP Analysis and CMMC Compliance and Lifecycle Process
• Vulnerability Handling Lifecycle Process
• Threat Mitigation Lifecycle Process
• Cyber Range Services – Real world cyber simulation for skill building

These items conform together with GLESEC’s ORCHESTRATOR ™ four business processes. These processes are implemented by GLESEC’s thirty adaptive security services and compliance offerings.


“We are happy to again be a part of the Florida Cyber Forum and collaborate to inform the market on trends in Cybersecurity Orchestration, Adaptive Security as a Service and Compliance  with CMMC  and other regulations”, says Sergio Heker, GLESEC CEO.


About GLESEC® GLESEC is an “adaptive security as a service” company, creator of the Cybersecurity Orchestrator and the Seven Element Cybersecurity Model (7eCSM TM). It has been delivering world-class cybersecurity since 2003 to organizations across the Americas. GLESEC’s portfolio offers a full suite of orchestration services, Pentesting, auditing, regulatory compliance, threat mitigation and vulnerability handling. This includes compliance monitoring, protection, and countermeasure services using best-of-breed, emerging technologies, and managed and intelligence security services and professional services. Having consolidated this unique set of capabilities under a single orchestration umbrella, reducing the inherent risk of disjointed teams and multitude of tools and bringing about the process, expertise and capabilities that our clients seek. GLESEC, a privately held company, has Worldwide Headquarters in Orlando, Florida and operates in both the United States and across Latin America. Our clients’ range from large organizations to multinationals across the Americas.