GLESEC Announces Orchestrated Actual Cyber-Risk determination

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ORLANDO, FLORIDA. August 18th, 2020.  International Cyber-Security Firm GLESEC announces the immediate availability of the “actual” real-time cyber-risk determination for clients using GLESEC’s Orchestration Service Platform.

This significant enhancement presents for all “critical” network assets the level of Severity, Impact and real-time “Consolidated threats” and consequent Actual Risk in a clear manner.

This is of significant value in that it allows an organization to focus attention and resources to those areas of more risk.

The Orchestration platform provides additional visibility into the Threats and Vulnerabilities so the organization can delve into this as much as necessary.  The workflow component of the Orchestration enables full life-cycle management and optimization, collaboration with GLESEC and optimal allocation of resources between the organization and GLESEC.

GLESEC’s weekly testing for vulnerabilities, exploitation (breach & attack simulation) and endpoint configuration deviation mapped to the critical assets determined by the “baseline” of the organization provides severity and impact priority.  This is correlated to a consolidated view of all the threat services that the organization contracted from GLESEC and this maps to a risk table to determine the “actual risk” value for the asset.

With the information of the Risk Analytics a user can follow up and create a case for investigation and a resolution which is handled in a collaborative manner between the organization and GLESEC for remediation of the vulnerabilities or mitigation of threats by GLESEC.

GLESEC’s focus in the organization’s lifecycle process introduces a new paradigm and business metrics optimization such as average time to remediate, average time to mitigate, risk and activity.

“This is a significant enhancement that further demonstrates the power and benefit of an orchestrated and consolidated approach to cyber security.  Ultimately one of the most important metrics for any organization is the true or actual risk, along with this, the ability to mitigate it holistically.  This is what we have announced today”, says Sergio Heker, a cybersecurity expert and internet pioneer who is GLESEC’s CEO.

GLESEC continues its on-going process of innovation to provide morevalue to its clients while leading the market with the largest and most organized set of cyber-security, cyber-compliance, and cyber-training services in the industry.


GLESEC is a security powerhouse that has been delivering world-class information security since 2003 to organizations across the Americas. GLESEC’s portfolio offers a full suite of auditing, regulatory compliance, monitoring, protection, and countermeasure services using best-of-breed, emerging technologies, and managed and intelligence security services. Having consolidated this unique set of capabilities under a single umbrella service, organization, and the proprietary technology platform, we reduce the inherent risk of disjointed teams and bring about the expertise and capabilities that our clients deserve. GLESEC, a privately held company, has Worldwide Headquarters in Orlando, Florida. GLESEC operates in both the United States and Latin America. Our clients’ range from large organizations to multinationals across the Americas.