GLESEC Announces New Cyber Security Orchestrator Service and Platform (GMPTM)




ORLANDO, FLORIDA. August 12th, 2019.  International Cyber-Security Firm GLESEC announces the launching of its new Managed Cyber Security Orchestrator Service (CSOTM) and the GLESEC Member Portal Platform (GMPTM v.3.1).  This service provides a consolidated cyber security and cyber compliance platform to assist organizations cut their time, address cyber security incidents and remediation as well as comply with industry regulations in an integrated and simple solution.

“We are great believers in simplicity and optimization, both of these concepts define our new offering.  We are excited to present our Managed Cyber Security Orchestrator as a front-end to the largest set of cyber-security services and the GMP platform to deliver the most complete and user-friendly experience in the market”, said Sergio Heker, GLESEC’s CEO.

GLESEC continues its on-going process of innovation to provide more value to its clients while leading the market with the largest and most organized set of cyber-security services in the industry.


The new GMP platform provides a dramatic representation of the above by:

  • Positively impacting the business processes of the client’s organization,
  • Providing more awareness and visibility than ever before, and
  • Produce business optimization by helping reduce time-to-resolution of security incidents and remediation with a unique consideration of accountability and costs.

This is a major milestone with new features, including:

  • Access more information than ever before.
  • Get alerted of key security indicator
  • Seamless integration of the client’s technical teams and GLESEC’s.
  • Unique process optimization by: Accountability, Resource Allocation, Escalation and Cost accounting for all CASES.
  • Real-time visibility of the organization’s Threat Intelligence World Map.
  • Cyber Compliance utilities to mapping services and regulation controls.
  • Provide business context to security information (vulnerabilities, threats and compliance).
  • Front-end to over 30 managed security services and a professional services organization, orchestrated in a simple manner that follows GLESEC’s Seven Element Model (7eCSMTM)

The Orchestrator service can be combined and consolidated with other GLESEC offerings such as: endpoint detection and response, breach attack simulation, vulnerability management, compliance and remediation testing, DDOS protection, event-management and correlation, privileged access and multi-factor authentication and several other services as well as a number of professional services offerings. The GMP is aligned with the GLESEC Seven Element Model (7eCSMTM) introduced in May 2018.



GLESEC is a security powerhouse that has been delivering world-class information security since 2003 to organizations across the Americas. GLESEC’s portfolio offers a full suite of auditing, regulatory compliance, monitoring, protection, and countermeasure services using best-of-breed, emerging technologies, and managed and intelligence security services. Having consolidated this unique set of capabilities under a single umbrella service, organization, and proprietary technology platform, we reduce the inherent risk of disjointed teams and bring about the expertise and capabilities that our clients deserve. GLESEC, a privately held company. GLESEC operates in both the United States and Latin America. Our clients range from large organizations to multinationals across the Americas.