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Red Team Scenarios

09.15.2020,  9:00 AM EST 
 3 Hours of gamified fun!

Be the first of 25 to sign up at no cost! $200 per person afterwards.

Red Team scenarios cover attack vectors, vulnerabilities and techniques. Trainees learn Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, and experience the  “hacker’s state of mind”.

Your team will experience GLESEC Cyber Range’s cloud-native, gamified, best-in-kind platform, powered by CYMPIRE. With this, your team will get a chance to compete in solving advanced cyber security challenges.

We have selected the EXTREME MEASURES Scenario for this session which is a Red-Team scenario of three hours of duration covering File Analysis, Network Scanning, SQL Injection, Remote File Inclusion and Vulnerability Exploitation.  The theme is based on an extremist terror group is planning an attack and have taken their communications to encrypted channels.  The user has been chosen to aid in the mission to discover and disrupt this enemy action.



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Our CYBER RANGE platform

Is a one of a kind, fully gamified cyber simulator that allows effective training cybersecurity professionals in an endless variety of real-life scenarios, powered by CYMPIRE, a GLESEC Technology Partner.

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