Take Control of your Data Protection with GLESEC’s Managed Leakage Protection Service (MSS-DLP Solution)

Quickly dentify and respond to security threats on a single pane of glass

GLESEC's Managed Data Leakage Protection Service (MSS-DLP) helps organizations protect their sensitive information from loss by continuously monitoring for suspicious activity and immediately alerting the client if any loss occurs.

By using the SKYWATCH℠ platform, the service educates internal users on how to modify their behavior and reduce the risk of data loss. With the added ability to monitor the organization's security posture, clients gain confidence in their ability to manage risk and respond effectively to emerging threats.

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Identify accidental access to privileged data and train your employees


Detect and protect against data exfiltration


Enhance protection of company data for work-from-home employees


Meet data security and privacy regulation (GDPR, Panama Ley 81, and other Data Privacy laws)


Address Ransomware threats


The benefits of this service are:

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Time to respond to actionable intelligence due to the real-time collection and AI and machine learning technologies behind the platform.

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Low cost due on technological capabilities. No need for on-going and manual classification of data.

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Helps eliminate cyber-security risk factors that can impact business operations.

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Meets compliance in regulatory requirements

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Quick alerting of data leakage with all the necessary information for forensic and for compliance reporting

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Promotes a continues risk-reduction and on-going cyber-security improvement and mitigation process.

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Augments the internal staff by partnering with an organization with core competency in cyber-security operations.

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Most cost-effective solution based on the benefits of outsourcing.

How does it work?

The MSS-DLP is a turnkey, Security as a Service, on-going alerting, investigation, and mitigation service.

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Delivery is cloud based – no agents required.

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Investigations at the request of client with documentation and protection of forensic evidence.

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Integrates with most cloud providers and on-premises filing system to provide a SIEM-like platform for data files visibility and control

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GLESEC’s Secured Operation Centers monitor, hunt and respond based on established playbooks 7x24x365 to contain, mitigate, alert and report.

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GLESEC Notable Events produce notifications of data leakage to accelerate incident-response resolution.

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Client’s access to SKYWATCHSM platform provide complete visibility, tracking and operational metrics of the time and stage of resolution.

“We are very happy to bring to market our SKYWATCHSM Data Leakage Protection Service, developed to be a must have for every organization. The DLP security as a service offering is one of the most effective detection and protection of data leakage solutions in the market; it is low cost due to not requiring on-going data classification; and provides quick detection to respond to compliance reporting requirements”

Sergio Heker

Founder and CEO, GLESEC


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