Managed Event Correlation Service

The Managed Event Correlation and Incident Management Service (MSS-SIEM) is a Adaptive Security as a Service”  aSaaSTM offering to provide visualization of data from various customer specified sources, turning it into actionable intelligence for alerts and incident response reports. Together with the GLESEC Orchestration platform, this service integrates security information from endpoints and servers with other sources to increase trust, reduce time to mitigate, and eliminate blind spots.


How does it work?

Turnkey, security as a service. The service is provided both on-premises and as a cloud option and works by linking a number of previously identified sources with the customer to capture information from these sources and send it to GLESEC (either the collector on the GMSA device or the collector on GLESEC IDC). GLESEC Professional Services work with the client to configure the information record capture and data classification. The collected information is displayed on various panels. They are specific to the type of information obtained. GLESEC Operations follows established Playbooks for incident response management.

Managed Event Correlation and Incident Management Service

GLESEC's approach to threats begins with the RISK of critical assets to identify vulnerabilities and threats and then delve into each one for remediation and investigation is comprehensive and unique.

Sergio Heker, CEO


The benefits of this service are:

Provides peace of mind in detection, identification and protection. Mitigation reduction.

It promotes a continuous reduction of risk and a continuous process of improvement and mitigation of cybersecurity.

Optimizing the use of existing security controls by applying incident response from GLESEC operations to data collected from the organization.

Helps eliminate cybersecurity risk factors that can affect business operations.

Increase internal staff by partnering with an organization with core competencies in
cybersecurity operations.

Meets compliance with regulatory requirements.

The most profitable solution based on the benefits of outsourcing.

This service can be classified according to the following table:











Each of the MSS services can be mapped to one of the seven elements of the 7eCSM. 
In this case the mapping is:

Managed Event Correlation Service

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