Cyber Range Services

The Cyber domain is an operational arena just like air, sea or land. This challenging and ever-evolving battlefield requires implementation of operational concepts and principles. As with any operational arena, the men and women fighting in the cyber domain cannot be expected to handle events when they erupt, unless they have had proper training on an ongoing basis. The best and most cost-effective way to achieve operational readiness is through hands-on training in an advanced cyber range.

Cyber Range Scenarios

Continuous testing of your
red-team skills.

Continuously test your blue-team readiness.

Complement your organization’s training program with cyber-range scenarios for safe practice.

Red Team Scenarios
- test your red-team skills

Red scenarios cover attack vectors, vulnerabilities and techniques. Trainees learn Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, and experience the  “hacker’s state of mind”.

Soar of the Phoenix

Save the world
from the nuclear threat of a secluded evil dictatorship. 

Red Lemonade

Take part in
a covert penetration
testing exercise.


Join the special
task force assembled
to stop the hijacking.


Catch Me
If You Can

Stop a gang of sophisticated cyber bank robbers that
have hit your town.

blue Team Scenarios - test your blue-team readiness

Blue scenarios focus on cyber security defense aspects including detection, mitigation, investigation, threat hunting and more. Trainees use real cyber security tools and face actual cyber attacks.

Cyber Defense Essentials

Join the National Cyber Intervention Team (N.C.I.T.) as it investigates suspicious activity in
the network of a leading insurance company.


A blue campaign focused on Check Point advanced technologies including SandBlast Agent and
SmartConsole, part of the Check Point Infinity architecture. Identify and stop a malicious insider.

Game of Clouds

Investigate a data breach on a cloud infrastructure. This campaign uses Check Point.

Home End Security

The COVID-19
outbreak created a spike in employees working remotely using remote access technologies.

Simulated Network



Is a one of a kind, fully gamified cyber simulator that allows effective training of cybersecurity professionals in an endless variety of real-life scenarios, powered by CYMPIRE, a GLESEC Technology Partner.


Cyber ranges are interactive, simulated representations of an organization’s local network, system, tools, and applications that are connected to a simulated Internet level environment.


They provide a safe, legal environment to gain hands-on cyber skills and a secure environment for product development and security posture testing.

Include Hardware and Software

A cyber range may include actual hardware and software or may be a combination of actual and virtual components.


Ranges may be interoperable with other cyber range environments.

Replicates network services

The Internet level piece of the range environment includes not only simulated traffic, but also replicates network services such as webpages, browsers, and email as needed by the customer.


Give your students invaluable hands-on experience

Build a practical training syllabus perfectly fitted to your syllabus

Gain students excitement and satisfaction thanks to engaging gamification

Glean a clear picture of each student’s level in every cyber topic

Maintain a personal record for each student with achievements and lessons learned

Win a unique competitive advantage over other cyber academies

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