Continuous Penetration Testing

Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with proactive security

In a landscape where cyber threats are constantly evolving, traditional security measures no longer suffice. Enter Continuous Penetration Testing (CPT)—your relentless digital watchdog that ensures vulnerabilities are discovered and addressed before they escalate into threats.

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Why CPT is critical for your business

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Never behind, Always ahead 

With CPT, your cybersecurity strategy evolves as quickly as the threats do, ensuring you're always protected.

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Secure every corner

Covers all aspects of your network, from servers and databases to mobile devices and the cloud.

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Avoid costly breaches

Minimize financial risks associated with data breaches by catching threats early, saving you potential future costs.


Dynamic Testing Routines

Our systems update their testing patterns based on the latest threat intelligence, ensuring up-to-date defense mechanisms.

Expert-driven Insights

Human oversight complements automated processes, providing a dual-layer of precision and adaptability.

Immediate Alerts

Human oversight complements automated processes, providing a dual-layer of precision and adaptability.

Bespoke Adaptations

Tailor-made solutions that respect and respond to your unique operational needs.

Don’t wait for a breach to reveal the cracks in your defenses. Be proactive with Continuous Penetration Testing. Contact us now for a no-obligation consultation and see how our services can fortify your digital domain.
Transform your approach to cybersecurity with CPT. Not just defending, but preventing; not just reacting, but anticipating.



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You ask, we answer!

Most MSSPs provide simple tools, sometimes with a basic management service. At GLESEC, we don’t believe this is enough to protect your organization against the ever-growing range of cyber threats.

We provide an intelligent combination of technology, management, and professional services tailored to your specific needs and infrastructure. Our services deliver the most comprehensive protection available anywhere—at a much lower cost than building in-house.

Most organizations have too many tools but lack the time and skills to properly configure or manage them. This results in a false sense of security, while still consuming precious time and resources.

GLESEC combines leading technologies with comprehensive managed and professional services to address your real business needs: easier compliance, accurate risk management, and greater resilience to cyberattacks.

We can do almost everything on your behalf - including responding to security incidents  - based on pre-agreed rules of engagement. In a few cases, such as patching vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure, we provide full guidance and support to help your in-house team take the necessary steps.

For organizations with established incident response capabilities, we adapt our services to best support your existing personnel and workflows.

No. In most cases, it’s more cost effective to outsource cybersecurity to a trusted provider. Remember—it’s not just the cost of a tool to consider, it’s the total cost of configuring, managing, and maintaining that tool over it’s lifetime and replacing it next time you refresh your stack.

Here’s an example. A customer of ours once bought a tool instead of opting for our manage service equivalent. While the tool seemed cheap initially, the customer needed three staff to manage, maintain, and utilize it, making the tool a lot more expensive than our managed service.

Effortless Identity
and Access Management

Find out how your organization can protect against identity and access threats while maintaining a strong user experience.

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