Hiding HTML Smugglers In Your Inbox


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Threat actors utilize HTML Smuggling techniques in recent campaigns to deliver Qakbot XWorm Cobalt Strike and IcedID.

Initially a spear-phishing email is sent to the target with an HTML attachment once opened the HTML file may directly drop an archive file containing a malicious LNK file to the victim machine or present a file impersonating well know vendors such as Adobe Google or Dropbox.

The victim is then coerced into executing the archive or saving and executing a malicious file in the form of an .ISO .IMG or VHD image file.

In either scenario the file contains an LNK file that executes commands to load a decoy file and uses the native binary rundll32 to load the malware payload.

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Glesec Information Sharing Protocol

GLESEC CYBER SECURITY INCIDENT REPORTS are in compliance with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Traffic-Light Protocol (TLP).

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