The Unified Threat Managed Service  (MSS-UTM) is a “Security as a Service” (Saas) offering created to protect the perimeter and/or inside of the organization’s network. The service protects against unauthorized network access, intruders and provides first level content protection. Together with GLESEC’s Orchestration’s platform, this service integrates security information from the UTM with other sources to increase confidence, reduce time to mitigate and eliminate blind spots.

How does it work?​

Turnkey, Security as a Service.  The delivery  GLESEC’s GMSA appliance which provides data to BigData for analysis.  The Operations personnel is active in monitoring and responding based on Playbooks for incident response and to maintain proper operations of the service.  The GLESEC Orchestrator platform provides access to dashboards with information from risk-level to specific cases and metrics of time to mitigate.

  • Delivery is on-prem (using GLESEC GMSA Appliance).
  • GLESEC’s Secured Operation Centers monitor, hunt and respond based on established playbooks 7x24x365 to contain, mitigate, alert and report.
  • Client’s access to the GLESEC’s Orchestration platform (based on contract of Orchestration service) providing visibility of the various elements of the GLESEC 7eCSMTM framework. This allows access to detailed dashboards and reporting as well as the Case & Resource Utilization application, News service and other tools. The Case & Resource Utilization application is used to manage the full lifecycle process for threat identification and mitigation that takes into consideration all the communication interaction with various levels of the client’s organization.

GLESEC’s approach to threats starts with RISK of Critical Assets to identified vulnerabilities and threats and then drill-down to each for remediation and investigation is both integral and unique

Sergio Heker, CEO

Provides peace of mind in the detection, identification and protection of perimeter attacks and internal attacks (when applied to segment internal networks) of un-authorized network access, intruders, scanning, application level. Reduction of time to mitigate.

Promotes a continues risk-reduction and on-going cyber-security improvement and mitigation process.

Helps eliminate cyber-security risk factors that can impact business operations.


The benefits of this service are:

Augments the internal staff by partnering with an organization with core competency in cyber-security operations.

Meets compliance in regulatory requirements.

Most cost-effective solution based on the benefits of outsourcing.

This service can be classified according to the following table:











Each of the MSS services can be mapped to one of the seven elements of the 7eCSM. 
In this case the mapping is:

utm_diagrama web

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