Ransomware Protection Solution


What is GLESEC’s Ransomware Solution?

Ransomware is malware designed to compromise your organization’s systems and information and extract ransom in exchange for the release of the access to systems and/or information.   Some important things to consider:

How does it work?

Our holistic approach involves the activation of our Orchestration platform so that you can visualize the risk, vulnerability, and threat indicators in a consolidated single-pane-of-glass, receive alerts, track status, receive escalations, download reports, and interact with GLESEC.  See more information for MSS-CSO 
Ransomware Protection Solution
The EDR/XDR service will identify any suspicious or malicious activity in the network, endpoints processes, endpoints file system, users and our SOCs will respond 7x24x365 conducting malware analysis and investigations, or taking actions such as containment, elimination of the threat, threat hunting, forensic investigations among others.  To achieve this several technologies are used such as machine learning, deception, and others providing best-in-kind response.  The service is cloud based and requires the deployment of light agents that fully protect the endpoints of the organization including all Microsoft, *UNIX, Apple.  See more information for MSS-EDR



The vulnerability management service is used to discover your organization network assets, create a baseline, and identify the highest impact assets, which will then be used to prioritize threat mitigation and vulnerability handing.  Vulnerability testing will maintain the health (reducing the weaknesses) of all the endpoints based on the impact level that this has for the organization.  Cases are automatically created, then verified, documented, and managed in a collaborative approach with your team and GLESEC’s resources as it makes sense for your organization. This service is deployed with GLESEC’s multi-security appliance providing security and scalability as other services are necessary to be deployed.  See more information for MSS-VM
Context and resource optimization is achieved with our SIEM service.  The SIEM collector is deployed as part of GLESEC’s multi-security appliance to locally capture information of other sources of information from the client that will provide context to the information from the EDR and Vulnerability testing.  This information is aggregated in GLESEC’s BigData platform and then processed to extract and correlate with the other sources providing better detection and response and more visibility.  See more information for MSS-SIEM


GLESEC’s orchestration as applied to Ransomware Protection Solution is unique and provides clients with a effective and pro-active solution to protect against Ransomware, peace of mind, visibility, and reporting for senior management as well as the optimal interaction between the client and GLESEC’s teams

Sergio Heker, CEO

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What are the benefits of GLESEC’s Ransomware Protection Solution?

GLESEC is a one-stop-shop (or turnkey) and a partner in your organization’s information security. What we call Adaptive Security as a Service (aSaaSTM)

You will be under attack and most likely will be a Ransomware attack vector. Are you sure you are prepared?

We can validate your current security posture with our Immediate Threat Testing, and we can help you be fully prepared with our Ransomware Protection Solution.

The impact to your organization will outweigh the costs of the services.

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