Secured Remote Work Solution

GLESEC orchestrates its various service offerings to address the need for secured remote access for employees with a modular solution.  The solution includes secured remote access to corporate resources, strong authentication validation, protection of the endpoints and policy control.

Some organization may have one or more of these components in-place, for which GLESEC can adapt its offering to integrate with what is already there and complement what is missing or deploy in full the solution.  The components are as shown in the picture below.

The implementation can be done in minutes or days depending the capabilities that are required to deploy.

The global trend to remote work has now jumped to the highest point due to the Corona Virus outbreak and we anticipate that this will prompt more business around the world to do as much as possible remotely from home.

GLESEC has been operating since 2003 providing cyber-security operation solutions to an international market.  Currently thousands of employees to client companies are benefiting from this type of remote capability.

Modular Services included (organizations can contract individual components as needed)

Orchestration (MSS-CSO)
Virtual Private Network Access (MSS-UTM)
Strong Authentication (MSS-TAS)
Protection for Endpoints (MSS-EDR)
Data Leakage Monitoring and Protection (MSS-DLP)