The Managed GAP Analysis Service (MSS-GAP) is a dynamic, real-time determination of deviation between the organization’s controls and the specified Framework of reference and the recommendation and assistance to meet the desired standard goals.  This service capitalizes on the GLESEC Orchestrator by enabling users to visually see a: Scorecard for their organization to a certain Standard and provide a graphic representation of a GAP Analysis for the organization for such a Standard.  The service also provides a workflow to support remediation efforts and bring the organization into compliance.

How does it work?​

Turnkey, Compliance as a Service.  The service is a cloud-based solution that automates all the information gathering that can be obtained in real-time and combines it with manual gathering of information.  The result is full gap analysis for multiple standard frameworks per control. The visibility is obtained by the use of GLESEC’s Orchestrator platform and the remediation life-cycle is handled also in the Orchestrator.

The MSS-GAP is a Compliance Audit automation service that combines dynamic data collection and testing with professional services to visualize the state of compliance and readiness for a certification audit and integrates with other GLESEC Orchestration services for fulfillment of compliance requirements


GLESEC’s approach to compliance is holistic and considers the security implications in addressing it. With this offering we are looking to consolidate, optimize and make the compliance effort work towards improving the security posture together with the compliance posture of the organization.

Sergio Heker, CEO


The benefits of this service are:

Integration and consolidation of security and compliance to provide more visibility and control, better process-oriented remediation and reduction of the time to remediate GAPs and finally costs optimization derived from the consolidation.

Meets compliance in regulatory requirements.

Augments the internal staff by partnering with an organization with core competency in cyber-security operations.

Most cost-effective solution based on the benefits of outsourcing.

Helps eliminate cyber-security risk factors that can impact business operations.

This service can be classified according to the following table:











Each of the MSS services can be mapped to one of the seven elements of the 7eCSM. 
In this case the mapping is:


Take control of your cyber-security now!

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