Managed End Point Security (MSS-EPS)

The Managed End Point Security (MSS-EPS) is a compliance monitoring and enforcement service and a remediation service. As such it also protects against risky applications and conditions for the end-points and servers.

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As an asset inventory service, it enables the determination of all applications installed and or executing. The data is indexed and correlated with other sources to generate contextual alerts for incident handling and monthly reporting. Testing is conducted weekly for all end-points and servers.

Organizations of all size are at risk of security threats to their information and infrastructure on the on-going basis from the end-points. Creating, deploying and maintaining an organization-wide baseline of configuration for the end-points is sometimes a daunting task, yet a necessary component of any cyber-security strategy.

Compliance with HIPAA, SOX, BASEL II, GLBA and many other regulations focus on the protection of clients (or patients in some cases) privacy and confidentiality, business processes, inventory of all the network assets, password policies and many other components which together should provide a working environment that is more conducive to business for its privacy, confidentiality and integrity in addition to the ability to audit it.

“A sound information security practice must include the protection of its end-points; a client-less service is the right approach when auditing the enterprise to ensure compliance while providing remediation and protection”, Sergio Heker, CEO

The Managed End Point Security Service is a compliance testing, remediation and reporting service that inspects all end-points regularly to identify assets, unauthorized applications, and hardware, verify compliance and deviation from approved baseline. The service also correlates information against other information sources, generates alerts and incident management events, is responsible for the operability of the solution and its maintenance, produces monthly operations and intelligence reports and provides recommendations on security improvement.



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GLESEC’s Seven model categories for MSS-EPS

Managed End Point Security

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