Orchestrated and Continuous


Our Breach & Attack Simulation Immediate Threat Service tests your organization’s security posture against clear and present cyber threats.

  • Everyday, numerous new payloads and attacks show up in the wild, orchestrated by known and unknown hostile entities. Organizations all over the world are vulnerable to these new threats that have just been launched. The threat of a new zero day or old security gaps that are being exploited to launch a large-scale attack, are a daily worry for CISOs, CIOs, risk managers and other security professionals tasked with safeguarding their organization’s security; and reporting their organization’s security posture to executive management.
  • These new attacks (such as Emotet, Dridex, Ryuk, Trickbot and others) come in different forms, such as an email attachment or a download link appearing on a legitimate or compromised website. After penetrating the organization’s perimeter, they can eventually cause serious damage. That is why these professionals need to be sure that their cybersecurity framework holds up against such active threats circulating in the wild.
  • We continuously test your organization’s defenses against emerging threats which validates your security posture and the effectiveness of your security systems.
  • Once an attack campaign is discovered on the dark web, or on the surface web, GLESEC’s partner CYMULATE, research labs developed a simulation that includes the various attack vectors built in the immediate threat.
  • This is then launched to test your organization. After reviewing the results, which you will be alerted to visualize in our Orchestration Platform we activate a lifecycle workflow to collaborate with your team in mitigation in the most cost-effective manner.

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With our orchestrated portfolio of managed breach & attack simulation services we can help assess your organization’s readiness to immediate threats.

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