Deployed in one day, cloud-based nothing to install at client premises. Get to know the GLESEC platform before you decide on engagement for full services. Highly discounted.

Proof of Value

The GLESEC POV will run for one full month and you are likely to learn a lot from your own network environment.

Cyber Range

Our Cyber Range Platform is a one of a kind, fully gamified cyber simulator that allows effective training of cybersecurity professionals.

We provide


GLESEC’s Adaptive Security as a Service  aSaaSTM offering provides organizations with full flexibility in how much to outsource to achieve the optimum balance of cost-effectiveness and efficiency.
GLESEC answers main business questions such as:
– What is the Risk of my organization?
– What are my vulnerabilities?
– What Threats am I exposed to?
– What are my critical assets? 
– Who is accessing my critical assets? 
– How effective are my security controls? 

Cyber Security Orchestrator Vulnerability Compliance Threat Education Seven Elements


GLESEC’s mode of operation is based on a modular set of managed security and compliance, professional, and educational services. Each of these stands-alone, or a combination of these adjust to any organization’s needs now and later… lending to scalability and flexibility.

Our services are implemented from the cloud and/or by deploying a GLESEC appliance at the client’s premise.

Our client-facing Orchestration Platform provides access to dashboards, security processes for remediation and incident handling, key security metric indicators and a variety of reports.

We do the above while we also:

Managing Risk

With the identification in real-time of actual risk to the most critical assets from consolidated threats and vulnerabilities and then providing actionable remediation or mitigation.

Identification and Alerting

On threats to various types of organizational assets followed by investigation and incident response.


Against Denial of Service, Intruders, Malicious applications, suspicious user, processes network activity, Ransomware, Data Leakage, and unauthorized access to systems and resources among others and followed by investigation and incident response.

On-going Testing

For vulnerabilities in both the Enterprise and the Industrial networks as well as testing for the effectiveness of the existing security controls; then applying GLESEC’s Vulnerability Handling Process that combines the testing with the best use of internal and outsourced resources in our Orchestration platform.


Assets in both the Enterprise and the Industrial networks. Both systems and applications.

Managing and Investigation

Of incidents aiming to reduce the time between identification and mitigation. We conduct forensic investigations in real-time and after an incident.


The risk level of the organization based on metrics from various sources in a dynamic and automated fashion.


Assets in both the Enterprise and the Industrial networks. Both systems and applications.


Of the security configuration testing as part of all our managed services and also provide validation of the security countermeasures using advanced breach and attack simulation services.

Orchestrated Data Leakage

Is a continuously managed and optimized process to address data leakage prevention, detection and protection as a security breach and as a compliance risk.

security technology

We integrate many emerging and best-in-kind security technology products, each of which has a proven record of top in the industry.  This integrates into a single, consolidated platform to cover all possible needs for cyber-security and compliance.


Daily testing thousands of hosts for vulnerabilities and for compliance.


Monitoring thousands of systems for suspicious activities and then incident management.


Correlating hundreds of gigabytes of BigData analytics of all kind of events.


Conducting hundreds of security assessments since GLESEC’s inception in 2003.

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