GLESEC launches its Seven Elements Cyber Security Model and announces Florida Operations

ORLANDO, FLORIDA. May 22, 2018.

GLESEC announced Thursday May 17th the launching of its Seven Element Model (7eCSMTM) at GLESEC event held at the National Center for Simulation. At the same time GLESEC announces the launching of its operations in the State of Florida.

The event, attended by prominent organizations of central Florida and sponsored by the University of Central Florida (UCF), the Economic Partnership of Orlando, the National Center for Simulation and the Orlando Tech Association filled the conference room and counted with presentations from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cyber Ark and Cyberbit (a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems). Both Cyber Ark and Cyberbit are GLESEC Technology Partners. GLESEC’s CEO Sergio Heker presented the New Seven Elements Cyber Security Model.

GLESEC’s Seven Elements Cyber Security Model (7eCSM TM) is a conceptual representation of the state of cyber security of a client organization along with an alignment to a framework to proactively and responsibly address the client’s cyber security needs. The Seven Elements are: Risk, Vulnerabilities, Threats, Assets, Compliance, Validation and Access. Each of these elements is activated by a combination of the many services from GLESEC’ proprietary TIPTM platform. These services monitor, test, protect, contain, remediate, investigate activity on behalf of GLESEC’s clients.

“This is the culmination of an effort that started with the founding of the company in 2003, when the technology was not yet mature to permit this kind of intelligence based capabilities; this evolutionary process allows us to present an executive yet in-depth state of cyber-security for an organization and an orchestration of a number of services and thus better serve our clients and the market”,says Sergio Heker, CEO.

The 7eCSMTM is now available with each of the current eleven managed security services that GLESEC offers. Once an organization acquires one or more of these services it receives access to GLESEC’s transactional 7eCSMTM platform and can start viewing the executive, tactical and per-service dashboards. The services are actionable in that they provide protection, enforcement of compliance and policies, investigation of incidents and forensic services to name a few. The orchestration of all services and the presentation in a way that can be understood by a Board of Directors but useful to the CISOs and technical areas of an organization make this platform and announcement a unique and important one for all commercial and government organizations alike.

GLESEC’s establishment in Florida is no accident as it provides a strong step to its position in the Simulation arena for which Orlando is well recognized as a global leader. GLESEC already has a number of simulation activities and services and more to be announced in the times to come. The current offerings include continuous simulation of multi-vector attacks to an organization using the most advanced technologies in the world and the associated risk-conditions and recommendations, now viewable on the GLESEC 7eCSMTM portal.


GLESEC is a security powerhouse that has been delivering world-class information security since 2003 to organizations across the Americas. GLESEC’s portfolio includes full suite of auditing, regulatory compliance, monitoring and protection services. These use best-of-breed, emerging technologies and managed and intelligence services. Having integrated this full range of capabilities under a single umbrella organization and proprietary platform, we reduce the inherent risk of disjointed teams and bring about the expertise and capabilities that our clients deserve. GLESEC a privately held company with Worldwide Headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey and it operates in both the United States and Latin America. Our clients range from large organizations to multinationals across the Americas.

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