Hundreds of security assessments carried out successfully by GLESEC Professional Services experts for more than fifteen years

GLESEC’s Managed Security Operations & Intelligence Services stop tens of millions of attacks per month to clients in the US and internationally; monitor compliance in large government networks; protect financial institutions, health care and others against the most aggressive distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS); conducts investigations in complex incident response cases around the clock.

GLESEC represents a dozen of the best-in-kind emerging technology companies. Many of these technologies are embedded in GLESEC’s delivery platforms.

GLESEC’s CEO has over 25 years of industry experience, he has testified in US Congressional Hearing on Information Security; made presentation at International Conferences; was the first one to launch a managed security offering on the Internet and was involved in early security standards.


Founded by Internet Pioneer Sergio Heker in 2003, GLESEC traces its beginnings to the starting of the Internet. The company’s core expertise has, over the years been in Cyber Security Operations & Intelligence. From the detection and containment of the first worm that attacked the Internet (Morris Case) to testifying in Congress on the Security of the Internet, to today’s widest Cybersecurity Orchestration of Security and Compliance services, the trajectory of the company and its experience go deep and wide.

GLESEC’s multiple SOCs are staffed with knowledgeable and dedicated individuals that monitor and protect against millions of attacks per day, conduct on-going investigations and remediation activities.

GLESEC’s professional services individuals have strong experience in defensive and offensive security as well as the underlying technologies of the multiple GLESEC technology partners.

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