Cyber Health Care Solutions

GLESEC Cyber Health Care Solutions encompass a number of information security services that help Health Care organizations to be in compliance with HIPAA’s technical requirements.

The HIPAA Security Rule is intended to set a minimum level, or floor for information security for the organization. The requirements are for:

1.-Assess potential risks and vulnerabilities:
GLESEC Auditing Services, Vulnerability Management Services, Compliance Services and Forensic Services are a holistic answer to this requirement.

2.-Protect against threats to information security or integrity, and against unauthorized use or disclosure:
A number of TIP TM platform services are available to protect against threats ranging from intruders to Ransomware and DDoS to information extraction.

3.-Implement and maintain security measures that are appropriate to their needs, capabilities and circumstances:
Monitoring and protecting services are available to respond to this requirement.

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