The GLESEC Orchestrated Data Leakage Solution is a continuously managed and optimized process to address data leakage prevention, detection and protection as a security breach and as a compliance risk.

GLESEC’s Orchestrated Data Leakage Solution is part of the GLESEC Threat Mitigation Lifecycle Process.  The holistic approach of Orchestration and Risk Mitigation is applied here to effectively integrate: DLP detection, protection and verification with GLESEC’s Orchestration Platform and GLESEC’s Dynamic GAP Analysis Compliance.  This is performed with cost-accounting and with management’s visibility of business and security metrics. 

The Orchestration platform provides visibility of risk, threats, vulnerabilities, assets and compliance, tracks metrics, activities, escalation and costs, provides alerting and reporting. GLESEC’s DLP service provides the detection of data leakage in real-time allowing for the ability of timely reporting to authorities on a break while at the same time conducting forensic investigation or blocking the data exfiltration attempt altogether.

GLESEC uses a number of metrics to track the effectiveness of this process such as:

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GLESEC Global Operations Centers block over tens of millions of attacks each month of instrusion and denial of service nature.

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