CYBER RANGE services

Free session for up to 5 people for the Extreme Measures –
Red Team Scenario, with purchase of a 30 Pack or more
by October 14th, 2020.

Our Cyber Range Platform is a one of a kind, fully gamified cyber simulator that allows effective training of cybersecurity professionals in an endless variety of real-time scenarios, powered by CYMPIRE, a GLESEC Technology Partner.


Cyber ranges are interactive, simulated representations of an organization’s local network, system, tools, and applications that are connected to a simulated Internet level environment.


They provide a safe, legal environment to gain hands-on cyber skills and a secure environment for product development and security posture testing.

Include Hardware and Software

A cyber range may include actual hardware and software or may be a combination of actual and virtual components.


Ranges may be interoperable with other cyber range environments.

Replicates network services

The Internet level piece of the range environment includes not only simulated traffic, but also replicates network services such as webpages, browsers, and email as needed by the customer.